Automotive Components
Electric Power Steering Systems2017/11/2
  • Contains information on JTEKT's support for steering systems and the merits of steer-by-wire (SBW) made possible by the evolution of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technology.
  • Explains electric power steering system mechanisms.
  • Introduces our product lineup and product characteristics.
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  • TORSEN Function and Construction
  • TORSEN Product Line
  • Installation of TORSEN improves Handling and Safety
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ITCC Active on-demand AWD System2015/9/10
  • Introducing the "ITCC" active on-demand AWD system
  • Information on the ITCC structure, performance, and characteristics
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The 3rd generation BALL HUB UNITS2015/9/10
  • Introduces the main characteristics and design of the 3rd generation ball type hub units.
  • Features JTEKT's recommended hub unit numbers.
Tapered Roller Bearings for axle drive pinions2015/9/10
  • Introducing tapered roller bearings for axle drive pinions
  • Technology for torque reduction and longer service life, examination and evaluation methods, and recommended series bearing numbers