Ball & Roller Bearing2017/11/2
  • Catalog of bearings used in a wide range of machinery, such as automobiles, motor cycles, electric equipment, machine tools, aerospace and office equipment.
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(comparison between JIS B 1514-1:2006 and JIS B 1514-1:2017)
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  • This catalog provides information on various large size ball and roller bearings for purposes such as steel making equipment, equipment for wind-power generation, civil engineering and construction machinery, and other large industrial machineries.
  • It contains large size bearings with bore diameter of 100 mm or more.
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  • This is the special catalog for tapered roller bearings containing frequently used series in addition to the products included in the "Ball & Roller Bearings" catalog (CAT.NO.B2001E), for improvement in the contents and easier reference.
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Needle Roller Bearings2017/9/7
  • We had abstained from posting "Needle Roller Bearings". We have finished revising and posted it. We are very sorry for the inconvenience which it might have caused in your business.
  • Contents
    - History of needle roller bearings
    - Applications
    Radial Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies
    Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings
    Drawn Cup Roller Clutches
    Heavy-Duty Needle Roller Bearings
    Track Rollers
    Thrust Bearings, Assemblies, Washers
    Combined Needle Roller Bearings
    Needle Rollers, Accessories
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  • Suitable for use in special environments, such as clean room, vacuum, high-temperature, or chemical.
  • Avairable in sizes of 4mm to 40mm bearing bore.
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EXSEV Product Guidebook2016/12/12
    Please utilize this guidebook when selecting bearings.
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  • This pamphlet is targeting and introducing ceramic bearings.
  • For the easy selection, this pamphlet is introducing ceramic bearings at each use.
  • The following contents are included in this pamphlet:
    ·Ceramics Production Processes
    ·Properties of ceramic materials
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New Ceramic Ball Bearings for Electric Motors2017/2/10
  • Introducing our new ceramic ball bearings which have similar insulation properties to conventional ceramic ball bearings (silicon nitride), and their thermal expansion is close to that of steel ball bearings, so that there is very little change in clearance due to temperature.
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Low-torque Long-life Deep Groove Ball Bearings for Electric Motors2017/2/10
  • Introducing our new deep groove ball bearings, with optimized grease composition which greatly reduces torque and extends service life, and also reduces energy consumption by the motor and contributes to reducing the need for maintenance.
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Slim Bearing2017/11/2
  • This pamphlet introduces our slim bearings for which the seal groove width has been reduced by welding the shield directly to the outer ring instead of attaching the shield to the outer ring seal groove.
  • Compact and lightweight bearings with equivalent load capacity.
  • Welding the shield to the outer ring has improved the outer ring stiffness and has also fully sealed the outer diameter.
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Motor-use Deep Groove Ball Bearings with Optimized Sound Output2017/9/28
  • This pamphlet introduces our deep groove ball bearings for which sound from unpleasant frequencies to the human ear has been reduced by optimizing the inner raceway surface through the use of 3D analysis.
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Products for Machine Tools2017/2/10
  • This pamphlet introduces JTEKT's products for machine tools.
  • Contents
    ·Changes in Spindle Technologies
    ·Introduction to High-ability NX Series
    (Ultra-high speed angular ball bearings and ultra-high speed cylindrical roller bearings)
    ·Introduction to bearings for spindle
    ·Introduction to ball screw-related products and spindle unit products
    ·Product line-up
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Precision Ball & Roller Bearings for Machine Tools2016/11/11
  • This catalogue includes high precision products such as cylindrical roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings, that are used for spindles of machine tools, and support bearing for precision ball screws.
  • This catalogue gives technical descriptions including references for handling of bearings such as the guideline for selection of bearing, example of bearing installation, and example of bearing failures.
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Low-Friction Torque Bearing LFT-Series2017/10/27
  • JTEKT's LFT-Series low-friction torque bearings incorporate tapered roller bearing (TRB) technology developed for automotive applications, which is also applied to other bearings.
  • This pamphlet introduces the following products, which we have grouped into a series.
    ·Super-Low Friction Torque Tapered Roller Bearing LFT-IV (TRB-LFT)
    ·Low-Friction Torque Ball Bearing (BB-LFT)
    ·Low-Friction Torque Hub Unit (HUB-LFT)
    ·Low-Friction Torque Needle Roller Thrust Bearing (NRB-LFT)
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JHS Series RZ-type Spherical Roller Bearings2017/3/8
  • This pamphlet introduces our "JHS Series" RZ-type Spherical Roller Bearings, which are a new generation of high-performance bearings made possible with advanced designs and processing technologies.
  • In addition to introducing the JHS Series, this pamphlet will also explain the features and structures of JHS Series RZ-type Spherical Roller Bearings.
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High-performance Product Series For Steel Production/Rolling Equipment2014/3/13
  • In this pamphlet, we will introduce high-performance products (bearings, drive shafts, and oil seals) that contribute to stable operations of steel production equipment.
  • This pamphlet contains two parts: an overall introduction and product introduction.
  • Products to be introduced include the following:
    ·Bearings for roll necks
    ·Drive shafts for rolling mills
    ·Bearings for backing shafts of cluster mills
    ·Products for continuous casting machines
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Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Multi-roll Mill Backup Rolls2014/12/04
  • Special designed bearings for multi-roll mill backup rolls.
  • The outer ring is made of special material and is heat-treated for surface hardness to ensure impact resistance, and thus reliability. In addition, JHS210 bearings meet the needs of our customers for long service lives.
  • This catalog provides information on the handling of the bearings (key points for the disassembling and inspecting of the bearings) as well as actual examples of bearing failures and countermeasures.
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Roll neck bearings for rolling mill2015/07/16
  • This bearing is used for rolling mill roll necks.
  • This catalog includes data about countermeasures for damages particular to this application as well as dimensions tables.
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Drive shafts for steel production/industrial equipment2016/2/1
  • Drive shafts for steel production/industrial equipment are included in this catalog.
  • Products line up, handling explanation cases of failures, technical data that includes selection criteria for each application are shown in this catalog. Also, specifications, product introduction (phase adjustment, hyper coupling), etc are shown in this catalog.
  • This catalog can widely be used for from drive shaft selection to maintenance.
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  Drive shaft selection sheet     (109KB)
  Hyper coupling selection sheet     (116KB)
Oil Seal For Steel Production Equipment2017/6/21
  • This pamphlet introduces oil seals that are used in steel production equipment.
  • This pamphlet includes features and other information on products used in the following equipment:
    ·Rolling Mill
    ·Continuous Casting Machines
    ·Sintering Machine Pallet Cars and Converter Furnaces
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JHS Series Hyper Coupling2015/06/03
  • The hyper coupling is a torque limiter (cut-off device) that protects drive systems for heavy loads.
  • This catalog will show you operating principles, features of the products, examples of the applications, and the product lineup.
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Products for Wind Turbine Generators2017/4/24
  • This catalog introduces main shaft bearings, gearbox bearings, and generator bearings for wind turbine generators.
  • The catalog also includes main shaft oil seals, hydraulic pumps, and machine tools for large components of wind turbine generators.
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Product Information for Agricultural and Construction Equipment2015/07/15
  • This catalog is introducing the function needed to an agricultural machine and a construction machine, our technology and goods.
    ·Optimum design technologies (High performance tapered roller bearing)
    ·Heat treatment technologies (KE bearing , SH bearing)
    ·Analysis technologies, Surface reforming technology
    ·JHS Series Spherical Roller Bearings
    ·Propeller shaft for construction machinery, Oil seal, Hydraulic Components
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High Wing Series Drive Shafts2016/2/1
  • Drive shafts for construction machinery/railway rolling stocks are included in this catalog.
  • Products line up, handling explanation, technical data that include cases of failures, specifications, etc are shown in this catalog.
  • This catalog can widely be used for from drive shaft selection to maintenance.
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Bearings for Aerospace Applications2016/11/09
  • This pamphlet introduces bearings that are used in airplanes and in space.
  • The bearing usage locations and the airplane eras are gathered together and introduced in lists.
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Miniature One-way Clutch2017/6/18
  • Miniature one-way clutches are used in clutch systems in various machines, including office automation equipment, ATMs, and various ticket vending machines.
  • This catalog also includes recommended polyacetal resin and steel housing dimensions.
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Traction Drive Unit2015/07/15
  • A Traction Drive Unit has been conceived from bearing core technologies.
  • A reducer with a minimal rotation irregularity is suitable for high-accuracy feeding, which is unachievable by using gears.
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Ball Bearing Units2016/2/23
  • This catalog has information about ball bearing units.
  • Technical descriptions, selection of ball bearing units, and dimensional tables of units, such as pillow block type, take-up type, cartridge type, and ball bearing for units, are included in this catalog.
  • Stainless-series and "compact" series are also included in this catalog.
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Oil Seals & O-Rings2017/7/27
  • This catalogue includes oil seals, o-rings and back up rings.
  • Includes dimensional tables, technical explanations and handling information.
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